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Society and popularity is a mean, horrible concept!

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So I have to tell all of you about how much SOCIETY SUCKS!

There is so much I could write here.

First of all, my name is Madison P. Grundtvig. I am a 14 year old girl who lives in a fairly small town known as Clyde, Ohio. I live in a mobile home in a neighborhood where such homes are not uncommon. My mother is Danish, and I live with my mother and grandmother. I don´t believe any religion; I´m an atheist. I identify as lesbian, for 95% of my sexual attractions are towards other females. I speak both Danish and English fluently. Somehow I manage to stay skinny, and I´m not sure why since I eat a LOT of unhealthy foods.
Unfortunately for me, I am a complete and total outcast. Let me repeat that, a COMPLETE AND TOTAL OUTCAST!!! That´s right, I´m friendless. No friends, unless you can count members of my family. None. And what sucks even more is that I have never had any. I have no idea what it´s like to have one. Life sucks! People never involve me in ANYTHING, and I am the girl EVERYBODY wants to make fun of all the time. I´m the target for every bully in town. Næh. I´M THE TARGET OF EVERYONE IN TOWN!!! I´m a huge victim of social poverty; possibly the biggest in Clyde, Ohio, or the United States, North America, or even in the universe.
I just wonder what would happen if I actually had a friend. Maybe I would be very happy. Someone I could just play with whenever I want and about whatever I want. He or she would follow me around, play the same games as me, watch the same TV shows, TAS, make bad Rule 34´s, troll(ing in general), and look at girls with me on the Internet wishing we could f&&& them (in other words watching porn). Oh wait. That´s impossible. It breaks all of the laws of physics because there is no such thing as a perfect friend.

There are plenty of reasons for my social poverty.
First of all, well, I look weird. The colors on my clothes never match or fit in. I have some acne on my face. I don´t like combing my hair so I usually never bother to do so. I have huge glasses that I wear just for the fun of it (all the time) and not because of a prescription. It´s not like I wear lipstick, makeup, eyeliner, perfume, or any of that stuff. To hell with that; I hate wearing it so it´s my choice whether I do or not. In other words, I´m very lazy and don´t care AT ALL about how I look.
What do I have to say about this? WHY SHOULD ANYONE CARE HOW SOMEONE LOOKS?! It´s their choice

Second of all, seriously??? My homosexuality effects this??? It doesn´t make sense. There are a ton of lesbian and bisexual girls in my school who get a whole bunch of positive attention, then I get made fun of with the tag "homo", "gay" (which is supposed to be used for men, idiots), "lezzy", and "lesbian".
Seriously, people! What´s the big deal about homosexuality? It doesn´t make sense to me. Don´t even use religion as an argument because ALL religions are just a myth. WHO DOES IT KILL, or hurt, HONESTLY, to have a sexual relationship with the same sex (if both people AGREE to it of course)???? Well? Answer THAT for me! Homophobia is JUST as bad and horrible as racism and sexism in my opinion. Some people think that even being ATTRACTED to the same sex is wrong, which is TOTAL bullshit! How is thinking something EVER going to effect anyone at ALL??? This argument goes for EVERY thought you could EVER have! If you think something it is ALWAYS COMPLETELY OKAY, because who is it going to harm??? THAT´S RIGHT! NOBODY!

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